Erek Göktürk

Executive Board Member, Founder

Erek Göktürk is one of the founders of Ozgur Yazilim Inc. Before Ozgur Yazilim, Erek had worked in academic institutions and had taken part in various projects during 7 years, followed by the foundation of Identra Inc. in which he exported software development services through San Francisco Bay Area more than five years. Among his projects, the most important one was a training and analysis simulation developed within the structure of METU-TAF Modeling and Simulation Center (ModSimMer) and used for many years by the Turkish Armed Forces. Since the day he received his bachelor’s degree, he has delivered and supported many lectures in various universities, one of which still takes place occasionally at Bogazici University, Department of Computer Engineering.

Being familiar with Linux and free software way back nearly twenty years, Erek holds his bachelor’s and master’s degree from METU Computer Engineering and his computer science Ph.D from the University of Oslo.

Hakan Uygun

Consultancy Department Manager, Founder

As one of the founders of Ozgur Yazilim Inc., Hakan Uygun leads the consultancy services with his experience in IT sector dates back over twenty years ago. He is also in charge of resolving the technical problems encountered in software development services.

Before the foundation of Ozgur Yazilim Inc., Hakan had founded and managed the Uygun Technology Inc. over four years. Within this period, he performed as a consultant and developer in various software projects of public institutions such as EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory) and Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade as well as the companies such as TAV, Anadolu Sigorta, Turkcell, Vestel Savunma, KoçSistem and Biletix.

Involved in many non-governmental organizations and voluntary actions for all of his professional life, Hakan performed as the chairman of the executive board of Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD) between 2010-2012. In this regard, he is recognized and followed countrywide by the free software community.

Doruk Fişek

Chief Operating Officer, Founder

Doruk Fişek is one of the founders of Ozgur Yazilim Inc., currently managing operations within the corporation.

Doruk has over fifteen years of experience within IT sector most of which consists of setting up Linux and other free/open source software systems, as well as their management and training process. Before founding Ozgur Yazilim Inc., Doruk took part in many projects and provided service to several public and private enterprises as the director of Fişek Institute IT Services for twelve years. Before that period, he had worked as a system administrator at Turkish Standards Institution and Piyon.

Including the role of executive director within Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD), he took the lead of many voluntary actions about free software movement which brought him a distinguished place among the free software community across the nation. He also contributed to Pardus in 2000s, which is one of the important free software projects in Turkey.

Burçin Batur


Burçin stands as the chief executive officer of Ozgur Yazilim Inc.

After having graduated from Ankara Science High School, she completed Istanbul University Faculty of Economics (English), followed by a master’s degree in Istanbul Commerce University on International Trade. She’s a PhD candidate on financial economics.

Served as a senior executive in several companies such as TEB, UniCredit Koç Factoring, Yapı Kredi, HSBC and Finans Factoring, Burçin has various areas of expertise as follows: entrepreneurship, factoring, strategic planning, international trade and SMEs.

Onur Küçük

System Architect

As the system architect of Ozgur Yazilim Inc., Onur Küçük determines the operated and installed systems besides designating the technology to be used.

Before his engagement with Ozgur Yazilim Inc., he was an expert researcher at Tubitak giving consultancy on Linux/UNIX systems besides many other roles such as the assistant project management of Pardus project and the security response team leadership. Onur is one of the key contributors to Pardus project’s core technology development, not to mention his code patches accepted in several free software packages.

In line with his executive board membership of Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD) between the years 2008 and 2010, he conducted many seminars on free software related subjects.