What Do We Do?

Our Direction (Namely “Our Missions”)

Software is one of the most important technologies which enables the machines to be boundlessly customizable, the complex models to be established and used as never before, thereby individuals and institutions to be more self-capable.

The open source software programs that are accessible for everyone’s “free” use have utmost economic and social importance for not only building a vast technological knowledge within society, but also for providing individuals and institutions with an opportunity to reproduce new software to meet their own needs.

Ozgur Yazilim Inc. is such a leading corporation providing individuals and institutions with this opportunity to benefit from those free open source softwares.

Our Path (Namely “Our Missions”)

Ozgur Yazilim Inc. offers products and services primarily by using free and open source software; therefore it develops and integrates softwares as well as delivering support and hosting services in order to transfer its purpose into practice. It endeavors to publish and share its knowledge and its in-house developed softwares accessible to everyone.