Özgür Yazılım AŞ

ozgur_yazilim_as Why free or open source software?

You can use free or open source software to build a corporate IT infrastructure that allows you to

  • Pay for the actual services, not a “license fee”,
  • Use software without worrying about someone appearing at your door with police and lawyers saying that “you can’t use this software anymore”,
  • Freely modify and extend the software that you use,
  • Choose from whom you’d like to get support and development services, being able to change anytime you don’t feel satisfied.

Why Özgür Yazılım AŞ?

Özgür Yazılım A.Ş. iş established in 2011 to help corporations use free or open source software without worrying about the continuity of support or software development for these software.

For installation, configuration, support, and modification of the free and/or open source software listed below and more, just contact us. Özgür Yazılım AŞ provides professional services through experts with years of experience in free and open source software.

  • Koha (Library Automation)
  • Redmine (Issue and Project Management System)
  • HylaFax (Faxs Server)
  • OpenKM (Document Management)
  • Tekir (Turkish Commercial Automation System)
  • WordPress (Blogging and Web Site Software)
  • Spree (E-commerce Software)
  • Sakai (Remote Education and Education Management Software)
  • Moodle (Remote Education and Education Management Software)
  • Big Blue Button (Web Teleconferance Software)

“Özgür Yazılım AŞ” is in Turkish, and the English translation is “Free Software Inc.” We proudly carry the name and do our best to contribute to the free and open source community in addition to the professional services we provide for corporations. Visit our community web site if you are interested, or please feel free to contact us.